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Mela Private

In the early years, we had been operating as a sole proprietor and became a fully-fledged division of Dinare Shuttles Tours and Travel. We decided to become a separate entity to allow emerging black businesses in the transportation industry to grow. We strongly believe in the phrase "Lift as you rise," and saw an opportunity as well as a responsibility to give back to the younger generation.


Our association with our parent company, Dinare Shuttles Tours and Travel, has enabled us to flourish alongside them in the tourism industry. This has allowed us to transport clients such as Hilton Hotels, FNB, AB InBev and many more with our large fleet of vehicles.

Our parent company paved the way for every shuttle-based transport company in South Africa, it is our birthright to constantly prove why we should be considered a market leader.

The Mela Way

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Where We're going


In 30 years, we will be the leaders of the transportation industry, continuously keeping up with new transportation technologies to ensure we stay relevant and maintain the reliability our existing and future clientele know us for.


We want to reach the Premium Standard of the shuttle market by providing exceptional services. Because our division is relatively new, we would like to capture 9% of the niche luxurious transportation market by 2024


Personalized Excellence

At Mela Private Hire, there’s no such thing as too much trouble. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, we’ll work hard to make it happen.

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